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As a Construction Management Firm, and as construction managers, we can align ourselves with our clients in a professional manner to apply the proper combination of management activities of a construction project to achieve time and cost control benefits.

Our Construction Management Firm would be responsible for cost estimates and budget control of project costs (setting up a cost control system for the entire project’s development); review of design during the entire process; construction scheduling; pre-purchasing of critical materials and equipment for the Owner, where necessary; advising on the method of obtaining contractors; recommending the award of contracts by competitive bidding; and coordination and direction of construction activities in the field.

The essence of the construction management concept centers around the introduction of a construction manager as the Owner’s agent and manager of the entire building process. The position is similar to that of the “master builder” of ancient times, whose responsibilities spanned both the design and construction phases of the building process.

Since the construction manager has overall management responsibility of the project, there are no prime trades or general contractors on the job. The Owner, in effect, is acting as his own general contractor through the construction manager he hires. Each segment of the job is contracted separately with the Owner (not the construction manager), with the advisement of the construction manager. One incidental benefit of the construction management approach, therefore, is that any single contractor can be replaced without radically affecting the whole project.

Since we are a General Contractor/Construction Management Firm, there are at least three ways you can benefit by this approach:

1. It brings a general contractor’s knowledge to the project in the early stages of the design phase.

2. It puts the system (which controls men, money, and materials) to work directly for the Owner’s interests.

3. It provides overall management to break down the sequential nature of the traditional approach, allowing design and construction to proceed concurrently.

We would like to provide you with a graphic illustration exhibiting the traditional and construction management approaches to the building process (see attached sketches “A” – Traditional Approach, and “B” – Construction Management Approach.

An example of some of the basic services performed by us as construction managers are broken up into the various stages of a project’s development, as delineated below:

1. Preliminary Stage

2. Design Stage

3. Bidding Stage

4. Construction/Development Stage

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