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We have represented the various pre-engineered metal building manufacturers for more than twenty years. Some of these manufactures are: Varco Pruden, Parkline, American Steel Building Systems, Trachte Building Systems, and Star Metal Building Systems.

This exposure has given our company a long and well diversified background of experience in building different types of structures and their complexities, to give our clients the best possible product in satisfying their project needs.

Over the years, we have completed some very interesting and complex projects in the Mid-Hudson Valley and other areas, making this company the front-runner in handling your construction needs.

Our projects range from manufacturing facilities, completing major maintenance/repair facilities for Tilcon Quarries in Haverstraw, NY, and Tomkins Cove, NY, with crane bays (full width and length of the building) and eave heights of 30’-0”(+/-), to over 2,000 mini-storage facilities, and a new office/maintenance type facility for the Central Administration Office Building in Middletown, NY, using metal insulated wall and roof sandwich panels, as well as various other type of structures.

Adding this Pre-Engineered Metal Building Division to our company’s operations allows us even greater flexibility to satisfy our client’s needs in the following capacities:

1. General Contractor - Handling all phases of the development project.

2. Design/Build Project – Handling the sizing, designing, and building of our client's project.

3. Construction Management - Orchestrating the development of our client's project on paper, as well as its actual development in the field.

4. Subcontractor - Handling the furnishing and installation of the Pre-Engineered Metal Building Shell/Enclosure.

5. Supplier - Handling just the furnishing and delivery of the Pre-Engineered Metal Building material to the job site.

6. Erector – Handling just the erection of the Pre-Engineered Metal Building on site.

7. Consultant - Advising the clients on all aspects of their project.

In addition to the above, we also provide a unique service to the Pre-Engineered Metal Building industry in the restoration, preservation, and in extending the life of existing metal building roofs, with a cost effective roof coating system that can go over rubber, metal, and asphalt roofs.

We represent and use the ASTEC Re-Ply Roof Coating System, which is a Fluid-Applied Ceramic Insulating Reroofing System for rubber, metal, and asphalt roofs.

The ASTEC Re-Ply Roof Coating System surface seals all joints, laps, and fasteners under a monolithic seamless barrier that strong winds and driving rain or hail virtually cannot rattle, lift, or erode that surface.

Our Roof Coating System saves our clients the following:

1. Installation costs in using the ASTEC Re-Ply Roof Coating System can take advantage of the old metal roof structure for a third of the cost of replacement. Add in facility downtime for reconstruction, and you’re talking real dollar savings.

2. Maintenance costs can be reduced substantially with the ASTEC Re-Ply 10 year renewable warranty that is renewable with inspection and maintenance, if required. This could be your very last roof.

3. Energy costs can be reduced due to the ASTEC reflective and insulating coating system that surpasses all criteria for the energy Star label. The final layer of titanium and ceramic particles provides high reflectivity and heat dissipation, reducing roof surface temperatures by as much as 40%.

This environmentally friendly product proves that this leading-edge technology can satisfy the requirements of roofing surfaces in extreme environmental conditions.

Having this broad base of experience carries over to our other divisions (Commercial Division and Residential Division) and our clients. It gives them the satisfaction that their project is in good hands, with the very best diversified and experienced professionals/company in the Mid-Hudson Valley area to handle their project.

We would appreciate your giving us the opportunity to serve you in the development of your project in any capacity you see fit.

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