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A feasibility study of a project’s development costs (whether it is a new project, renovation, restoration, addition, alteration, subdivision, etc.) during the planning and/or preliminary stages of a project is essential. It allows the client to see how it would impact the overall concept of the project.

This is an invaluable feature/service our company offers our clients, to help analyze the bottom line return on invested dollars, prior to committing large sums of money to the project.

This feasibility study service allows our clients to decide in the early stages of a project’s development whether it would be economically feasible for them to proceed with the project’s concept. Without this, a client could spend large sums of money in coming to that same conclusion later on.

This service can be done on either a conceptual basis, and/or on an actual basis, depending upon the project’s status, and on how far along in its development it is at that particular time.

Some of the many benefits this service provides for our clients are as follows:

1. Analyze the development costs (land development costs and building costs) in the early stages of a project’s development, to see if the project can or is falling within a budgetary level contemplated by the Owner/Developer.

2. Use this feasibility study to develop a pro-forma on the entire project to reflect the end user and return on investment dollars, to see if the project is an economically viable one.

3. Supplement our study with a set of preliminary drawings and an outline set of specifications (all of which can be developed through our office) to present to the various lenders, in seeking proper financing, or to potential equity investors, and/or other investors that might be interested in investing in the project.

4. Use this feasibility study package to determine pricing for lease and/or sale of property, and develop a set of promotional drawings/package for pre-leasing or sale of property. This package can now be presented/promoted on a conceptual basis (to be built basis), and/or actual basis (turn-key/built basis), to potential investors, tenants, and/or buyers.

5. This preliminary feasibility study analysis can be done prior to the site plan review process, based upon conceptual design plans, saving a client money and time on their project.

6. Our feasibility study package is normally customized to meet our client’s particular needs, as well as their project’s scope and its complexity.

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