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As a general contracting firm, we can provide our clients with lump sum bids for labor only, or labor and material, as requested by the Owner and/or Designer, on a varied range of work, through all phases of the general contracting scope of work of a construction project.


We work very well with our client’s consultants (architects, engineers, etc.), and/or can provide a Design-Build Service Package, using our own consultants to develop your site, and bring you through the site plan review process into the working drawing phase, and finally into the actual development of your project in the field.

We can provide our clients with a complete project price quote on the following:

1. Land Development Phase of Work
Land Development Work shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following: Clearing and grubbing of site in preparation for its development; contouring and re-contouring of the land, per drawing requirements, as needed; bringing utilities to the site to energize the building (whether it is municipal feeds, and/or well and septic, as site would dictate); landscaping, seeding, and planting; storm retention ponds, storm drainage and site drainage requirements; curb cuts, driveways, parking lots, parking lot striping; site lighting; soil erosion control; exterior sidewalks, patios, and locating the footprint of the building in the field, per design drawings, etc.

2. Building Development Phase of Work
Building Development Work shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following: Building excavation, backfilling and compaction around the foundation wall, as required; gravel base for the concrete slab-on-grade, foundation work, and all other work related to the development of the building, to include all prime trades (plumbing, heating, electrical, h.v.a.c. and sprinkler work, etc.), if required.

Developing a Punch List of items that might need attention, per Owner’s and/or Designer’s request, and in turn securing a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance from the Building Department for formal occupancy of building.

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